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DRV Staffing Featured in Ladders Article

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

DRV Staffing is excited to share that it was recently featured in the Ladders, an industry-leading career publication.

The article was entitled "6 mistakes you are making in your elevator pitch" and prominently quoted DRV Staffing president Daniel Vahab throughout the piece.

For instance: in describing one mistake of "not including metrics or KPIs" in pitches, the DRV Staffing president offered the example: “Rather than simply saying that you’d make a great addition to the marketing team, talk about how you increased positive sentiment of the brand by 20 percent, helped win $50 million in RFPs, raised client retention by 70 percent, offered a 300 percent ROI off seven marketing events, and so on.”

Read on for the full article here.

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