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DRV Staffing Featured in 2nd Article on Law360

DRV Staffing was recently featured in a 2nd article with Law360, major legal industry publication!

The article was entitled "Four Business Priorities of 'Total Package' Firms" and prominently quoted DRV Staffing president Daniel Vahab.

For instance: the article noted "Understanding that sometimes it may make more sense for a lawyer to work from home and other times to work from the office is part of what goes into the making of a well-rounded firm, and the top firms in this category are applying a flexible, hybrid approach for the upcoming year, said recruiter Daniel Vahab of DRV Staffing in New York."

"You need to bend and stretch and do whatever it takes to get somebody, above and beyond the normal course of action, because it's not a normal situation right now. The candidates have the upper hand," Vahab said.

Read on for the full article here.

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