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DRV Staffing Featured in 5th Article on Law360

DRV Staffing was recently featured in a 5th article with Law360, major legal industry publication!

The article was entitled "Counteroffers Gain Popularity As Law Firms Eye Retention" and prominently quoted DRV Staffing president Daniel Vahab.

For instance: the article noted "In addition to generally being cheaper than going out to recruit a new attorney, keeping someone in place by way of a counteroffer can also create a better sense of consistency of service for clients, said Daniel Vahab, president of DRV Staffing."

"Their firm, if they leave, has a gap in that skill set and the clients they're servicing," Vahab said. "More so now than ever, the current hiring committee is saying, 'What's your offer? We'll match it, or we'll beat it significantly.'"

Read on for the full article here.

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